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I. introduction

Why a new translation?

The Quran Beheld offers today’s readers a new connection to the Book of Allah. The English stands out for its sheer accuracy, simple elegance, supreme readability, and bringing to life the tremendous stories and narratives of the Quran.

The 24-page introduction (which can be readhere) identifies seven key areas of meaning neglected by previous translations. Such gaps result in crucial elements of the Quran’s themes, logic, arguments, message, and meanings being lost. The Quran Beheld thus uncovers matters of Arabic meaning in the Quran for the first time in English.

II. Arabic & english text

A translation for daily use

This work is uniquely designed for daily devotional use. The layout has been made to enhance understanding, readability, and reflection.

The Arabic script faces the English text with each page beginning and ending with the same verses. It brings together in one volume the entire Quran in beautiful Arabic script, alongside a captivating and accurate translation of the Quran.

"Verily by the remembrance of Allah do hearts find peace" (13.28)

III. sura themes

Understanding the chapters

The Quran consists of 114 chapters. Themes of Suras summarises the essence of each chapter, what they mean, their relationship to one another, and how they form a coherent message to Mankind.

This is an indispensable guide to the major topics in the Quran.

IV. biographies of scholars

Turning to tradition

Over the course of 15 years, the translator went word-by-word through the Quran with a traditional scholar; not once, but twice. Together, they revisited hundreds of verses and words many times over, always consulting the works of the Quran’s greatest exegetes.

Biographies of these nineteen exegetes are included to highlight why their works are necessary to understand the deepest meanings of the Quran. Readers are introduced to their lives and key contributions, thereby connecting them to Islam’s most important thinkers. The very accuracy, expertise, and diligence that these exegetes commanded was deemed critical to The Quran Beheld project from beginning to end.

V. subject index

A new way to discover

The translator believed that the Quran’s panoramic coverage required a new approach to indexing. He produced it manually over a year, without any recourse to computer software or outsourcing.

The result is a unique 61-page index that allows readers to discover integral themes and details about the Quran: Allah’s attributes, blessings Man should thank Allah for, hope, humility, tricks of the devil, virtues and vices, and much more.

For the first time, readers can find answers to existential questions like, “how should I be as a person?”